Application Form FAQ’s

1. I started my business in 2012, so I have no revenue to report for 2011. Should I still apply?
Yes! You should still apply. Be sure to address this issue in your application and describe your business plan for the coming year or outline your strategies for growth.

2. My sales decreased from 2011 to 2012. Will my application still be considered? Should I still apply?
Yes! You should still apply. In your application, be sure to address the sales figures you reported and outline your business plan or strategies for growth in 2014.

3. How can I strengthen my application?
The more information you provide the better! A strong application will draw a clear picture of how the business was started, what makes it unique, and how it has overcome challenges. Make sure your completed application clearly describes your business’ relationship with its community, customers, and employees. Submitting additional material such as your business plan can strengthen your application and help us get to know your business, but they are not required.

4. May I submit additional material to support my application?
Yes, you may submit additional materials to support your application. Previous submissions have included copies of paid or earned media, photos of your employees, and letters of recommendation. To ensure they are reviewed with your application, email them to or make sure 2 copies of any materials are postmarked before February 3, 2014. No plastic sleeves or spiral bound materials will be accepted.

5. What is due in addition to my application form?
In addition to your application, your application fee and statement of revenue (see FAQ #8) must be submitted online or postmarked by February 3, 2014.

6. How can I save my answers so that I can work on my application later?
We suggest saving your answers in a word document and fill it out in word so you are able to go back and change your answer and resave if need be. The online application form does not allow you to save your answers before submitting.

7. How much is the application fee?
The application fee is $25 for a U.S. Chamber member and $150 for a nonmember (which includes a one-year individual U.S. Chamber membership). The application fee may be paid by the nominator or the applicant.

8. What is accepted as a statement of revenue?
We will accept a letter stating your company’s sales in 2011 and 2012 signed by both your president/CEO and your accountant OR a copy of the first page of your company's tax return (such as an 1120 form). Do NOT submit your entire tax return. The information is required to verify that gross revenue is less than $20 million.

9. What is my U.S. Chamber member number?
Please call Customer Service at 1-800-638-6582 for your member number. Alternatively, you can locate it on the address label of our monthly member magazine, Free Enterprise.